Since the earliest times gold, silver, copper, platinum, and palladium have been known as valuable metals. They are expensive because they are rare, difficult to mine, and appreciated by industries and investors.

Nowadays, you can gain profits from a commodity such as gold without even physically possessing it. Gold is a safe haven investment for those who want to secure their assets during global turmoils. Its price rises during global political and economic crises. Silver is less rare but affects the currency markets significantly. It’s one of the most versatile metals. It can be used both as an industrial metal and a hard asset. Copper, unlike other precious metals, is relatively inexpensive, making it attractive for numerous industrial applications. Trading copper is also rather profitable. The advantages of trading metals with FxxTrader are the following:

• a chance to earn on both rises and falls of metal prices
• trading fractional units
• available credit leverage
• no need to deliver goods physically.

We create the most comfortable trading conditions for you to learn trading precious metals. We provide you access to a multifunctional trading platform with more than 200 tools for making prognoses and minimizing risks. You can also rely upon our analytical and round-the-clock technical support.

Trading metals with FxxTrader is easy and profitable. Try it by opening an account on our platform.

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