Trading indices is a popular way of making money if you are eager to trade in security markets without investing in a certain company. Stock market indices are not assets. They are indicators that describe the situation in a certain segment of this or that company group.

Trading on indices enables traders to speculate on whether an index will rise or fall, without actually buying any shares. In this sense, one can trade an index just as one would trade a stock, currency or commodity. As with individual equities, a trader can decide to ‘sell’ an index at a higher price than its initial one or to ‘buy’ an index back at a lower price than he/she originally ‘sold’ it for.

Some indices are specifically global (such as the S&P Global 100), others are national, listing only companies which are native to the country in question. Other indices focus only on specific business sectors – the NASDAQ index, for example, only lists tech stocks.

With FxxTrader you can trade such well-known stock indices as Dow Jones Industrial, Standard & Poor’s 500, Nasdaq Composite, NIKKEI, and DAX 30. Our professional analysts will consult you regarding opening trading positions on this or that tool. If you want to train your skills in defining index movements without losing your assets, you may trade on a demo account.

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