Account Verification

FxxTrader makes every effort to keep your personal funds and data safe. That’s why your account will be activated only when you provide all the information certifying your identity and the place of your account registration. We thoroughly check the clients’ data during the registration, replenishment, and funds withdrawal from their accounts.

Please, mind that the documents you provide for registering an account, should be original and the photos of necessary papers must be of high resolution. So, provide one of the following papers to confirm your identity and the place of living:    

1. Documents, approving the client personality

the photo of a valid driving license (the front and the back sides)
a Residence permit or a Foreigner Registration Card (the front and the back sides)
the photo of a valid civil passport (the two-page spread with the photo) or an identity card (the front and the back sides)  

2. Documents, confirming the client’s place of residence

the photo of your utility bills (electricity, phones, gas, etc.) over the past six months
the photo of the bank statement or any other official document confirming your address valid over the past six months

Documents Templates 

Here are the templates of the documents you can download in your personal area for the account verification:

1) Passport - as the document, confirming the client’s identity

2) Utility bill - as the document confirming the client’s place of residence

Credit card verification

Together with the verification documents, the client must provide the copy of the credit card used to make the deposit (front side with first 4 and the last 6 digits visible, and back of the card signed with the CVV covered).  

Please note that an account will be blocked for trading and any activity if documents aren’t sent within 10 days starting from the day when a deposit was opened. Also, if documents aren’t sent, we will charge a $20 fee every 30 days starting from the activation day.

If your personally identifiable information changes, you must inform us by emailing our Customer Support.

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